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Project Salvage Earth

Sometimes being a “socially conscious” shopper can be intimidating. You are aware that global warming is real but you are on the fence on purchasing “green” products because they seem to rob you of money. Or you start composting and using repurposed products but think that you might not be doing enough. You start a small business and carry products that are fair trade but cannot afford to get the certifications without going bankrupt. Project Salvage Earth aims to encourage people with different shades of “green” conviction so that over time, each business and consumer can transition to more and more socially conscious and eco-friendly living. We believe that this will happen through repeated interactions among socially-conscious members that are both constructive and positive, and by making the lifestyle fun and rewarding for everyone. This is where Project Salvage Earth comes in.

We want you to be part of the movement and become a socially conscious shopper. Buy and support local small businesses who are trying to sell sustainable, fair trade and natural products. Get 3% cash back on all your purchases to fund social project in your neighbourhood, city or the world.



  • Result 1: The more consumers shop at these stores, bigger the incentive for storeowners to adopt even more socially conscious and greener practices.
  • Result 2: People can make better consumption choices and get rewarded for them while directly supporting green community initiatives.
  • Result 3: Green community initiatives and local social projects can have greater impact through funding provided by Project Salvage Earth Green Army members through their green cash back.

At Project Salvage Earth, we welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. Please visit the Contact page to get in touch with us.

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